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Building Digital Quality: Testing in the age of Digital Convergence, and Disruption

Digital technologies have profoundly changed the ways we do business, buy, work and live and are expected to do so in the coming years. They have altered and continue impacting virtually all business functions and industries.

The new Digital age is about the creation of new business designs by blurring the physical and digital world. It is when things start to negotiate amongst themselves as well as people and business that we start to see how we have entered an entirely new and disruptive world. Enterprises are moving from a focus on process automation to entire business models built on and driven by digital technologies. The promise of digital business is that a universe of applications and digitalized assets that work together almost automatically will allow very rapid development of new capabilities that will yield competitive advantage.

Clearly, the development and use of myriad digital technologies such as the internet, cloud, mobile, big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and the internet of things (IoT) is creating a convergence, confluence, and disruption. The reality will be that the billions of things, humans and businesses that are connected will require sophisticated engineering, integration and orchestration to fulfill the promise of a future of people, business and things.

And hence we believe that the discussion of digital quality has been conspicuous by its absence. In the digital era, quality will become a key factor simply because digital is woven into everything we do.

Built on the theme of Building Digital Quality: Testing in the age of Digital Convergence & Disruption, this year the conference will be a display of ideas, experiments and experiences to explore challenges and suggest techniques and Best Practices to successfully involved in Quality Engineering and Software Testing in the Digital Age.

Key Notes


Business Leadership

Track focusing on Business Trends, Developments, Market Indicators, New Business Models, Customer Expectations & Value Management, Acquisition and Retention of Customers, Pricing Strategies, Outsourcing & Crowd Sourcing Models, and Demonstration of ROI for the projects.


Test Outsourcing | Business Trends | Customer Retention | Innovation | Test Factory | Growth Strategy & Directions | Crowd Sourcing | Customer Acquisition | Customer Expectation & Value Management | Pricing Strategies | Testing CoE | CIO Expectations | ROI Measurement | Scaling TCoE | Reducing Cost of Quality

Emerging Areas

Track focusing on Emerging Technologies, Life cycle Models, Innovations, Ideas, Research Developments, Tools, Techniques, Methodologies, and ideas that are currently being experimented by the industry to move to the next level of growth and maturity.


Cloud Testing | Internet of Things | Compliance Testing | Model Based Testing | Virtualization | Agile Testing | Testing BIG Data | Security Testing | Managed Services | SOA Testing | SAAS Testing | Non Functional Testing Techniques | Performance Modeling | Maturity Models | New Standards & Frameworks | Latest Research

Program Management

Track focusing on Designing Delivery Models & Mechanisms with a focus on optimal use of tools, people, time, scope and quality. Discussions focus on methods that have successfully helped companies in estimating, planning, measuring, managing and controlling  the projects and programs.


Requirement Management | Scope Management | Test Planning | Test Estimation | Test Project Management | Test Execution & Reporting | Measurement & Metrics | Team Building | Distributed Testing | Test Process Improvement | Infrastructure Management | Earned Value Management | Lean Testing

Agile & DevOps

Agile methods encourage frequent inspection and adaptation, a leadership philosophy that encourages teamwork, self-organization and accountability, a set of engineering best practices intended to allow for rapid delivery of high-quality software, and a business approach that aligns development with customer needs and company goals.


Agile Testing & Quality Strategies | Test Driven Development | Quality Control in Xtreme Programming | Automation in Agile Testing | Agility in Testing & Quality Control | Approaches / Examples for/of adopting Agile Principles to Testing Services | Agile Quality | Scaled Agile Framework for Testing | Integrating SAFe and TMMi

Tools & Automation

Track focusing on techniques and tools for enabling increased scalability, adoption, and thus providing non-linear growth for the organizational practices. Discussions focus on the best practices used by organizations to scale and increase the efficiency multi-fold.


Test Architecture | Automation | Enterprise Application Testing | Key Word Driven Testing | Embedded Application Testing | Tool Identification | Automation Frameworks | Tool Selection & Implementations | Lessons Learnt | Best Tools and Techniques for Test Case Definition | Reporting & Defect Analysis | Statistical Models | Predictive Modeling

Key Highlights


Learn from Leaders

14 Plenary Key Notes by Gurus, 25 Best Practice Presentations, 10 Poster Presentations, 04 Knowledge Tracks, 15+ Tools & Automation Demonstrations, Pre-Conference & Post Conference Tutorials, Pre-Conference Webinars. All in 2 days.


Showcase & Demonstrate

Your practice, expertise, tools, technologies, technique, experiences, and opinions to a global audience of senior professionals and practitioners. Create awareness, and get feedback with a community of over 12,000+ professionals.


Get Recognized

By contesting for the Best of Best Awards with 750+ best practices from over 300 organizations across 06+ countries. Winners of the Best of the Best – Testing Leadership Award get a featured speaker slot at QUEST 2018 in USA.


Meet, Interact & Network

Meet with over 800+ practitioners, International Experts, 100+ Leaders, Decision Makers, Influencers, and Thought Leaders in the field of Software Testing & Quality.


Explore & Partner

With individuals & organizations, expand your network influencers. Best place to find a new technology, new trend and new associates for your ideas and goals.


Get Inspired

By influential speakers, quality practitioners, evangelists, who have experienced quality from other walks of life, and other lines of work from across the world.


Get Tested & Win

A Challenge, a puzzle, a contest and finally an award and recognition. We encourage you to test your knowledge through online assessments, and skills by testing future products and take home a host of prizes and goodies. STC has 15+ different awards to recognize excellence.


Explore the Future

At the technology & innovation show case by the leading technology providers in the field of Software Testing & Quality. Live labs and tool demonstration sessions for you to experience the amazing new developments from various technology companies.


Support Profession

By attending, promoting, supporting, debating, joining the discussions and helping others in gaining insights and right perspectives, and providing feedback to the individuals and organizations through both online and offline interventions.


Have Fun

Work Hard, Play Harder is the motto at STC 2017. The Gala Dinner, Best of the Best Awards Night, lightening sessions, contests, quizzes, competitions and mock paper presentations, are just some of the many avenues created to make the professionals show their lighter side as well.


Submission Process

  • Submit Author Intent Form

    Individual authors submit the author intent forms with details on the title, abstract, and key category where they would like to present the paper.

  • Initial Screening by Jury Members

    During this step, we screen for alignment with theme, relevance of the topic, relevance to the audience.

  • Present to Jury at Regional Rounds

    The shortlisted papers are then required to present to a Jury at 6 different cities in India on a designated date. (September 09, 2017).

  • Ranking & Finalization of Presenters

    All the presenters at regional rounds are then graded based on the normalized national score. The top 25 scorers are then provided an opportunity to present at the final conference for the best of the best awards.

  • Best of the Best Awards

    The top 3 papers, and top poster are then finalized based on their final presentation at the conference.


Testing Leadership Awards

The Testing Leadership Award recognizes leadership and contribution in the field of software testing. It will provide impetus and encourage contribution to the testing processes, skills and principles that make testing an imperative part of the software development life cycle. It will also encourage breakthrough achievements and innovative approaches in the testing process that aim to make successful products and services in the IT Industry.

Best of Best Awards

The Best of the Best Awards have been instituted to recognize practitioners for their excellence in the practice of Software Testing & Quality. Instituted in 1999, the awards have become an industry standard recognition for the practitioners.

In the past year 2016, over 536 submissions were received from over 351+ organizations from 06+ countries to contest for the Testing Leadership Awards, 2016. After screening the submissions for relevance and appropriateness of content, 345 papers were shortlisted for regional rounds in 6 cities across India.

The regional rounds were hosted by Cognizant in Chennai, Deloitte in Mumbai, QA Infotech in Delhi, CGI in Bangalore, CSC in Hyderabad, and Capgemini in Pune. A Jury Board of over 78+ industry leaders evaluated each paper and finally gave opportunity to 36 best of the best papers at STC 2016 in Bangalore.

Winners of this year’s award ceremony conducted at STC 2016.



Greater Agility & DevOps QA Strategy Towards Micro service Architecture Style
Krishnachander Kaliyaperumal, Cognizant Technology Solutions

Agility started with Scrum practices, then advanced in development and testing practices like Continuous Integration, Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development, then advanced with Operations practice using DevOps tools & technologies. But even then the agility of time to market a change in large monolithic architecture design is still a challenging task. There has been a shift in service based architectures over the last few years towards smaller, more focused \”micro\” services architecture style. This paper outlines how we can achieve greater agility and accelerate DevOps QA strategy with microservice architecture built Applications

Click Here to view the Presentation


1st Runner Up

Seamless Integration & Automation Using Jenkins
Karanjeet Singh & Aanchal Maheshwari, Adobe

Worried about daily manual efforts? Jenkins is here for rescue. Create multi-job builds, modular jobs and seamlessly integrate them using pipeline. Create a Jenkins dashboard to enhance result viewing experience, Extend the power of Open Source by modifying Jenkins Plugins. Need to manage too many machines? Don\’t worry about having too many slaves or infra, Docker is there for rescue. Create docker images manually or via Jenkins, Use docker images for daily testing jobs and automate them easily via Jenkins.

Click Here to view the Presentation


2nd Runner Up

Effective Performance Testing in Agile and DevOps
Deepak Khatri, NIIT Technologies

Effective Performance Testing in Agile and DevOps Application performance is essential part of user expectation. Unexpected performance always have very high negative impact on business. Usually performance testing is started once application has been developed and reasonable amount of functional testing has been done. In today’s dynamic and rapid development environment where we are more Agile it is important that application performance testing should be started in early stage of the development in automated & integrated way. It is also in line with time to market objective of business. There is always scope of performance improvement in any application. Major challenge is to identify the performance issue and fix them on time.

Click Here to view the Presentation

Best Poster Presentation Award



Non-functional Testing & Engineering Framework for DevOps
Jay Mehta, Cognizant Technology Solutions

In recent times as more and more projects opt for Agile Methodology to expedite Time-to-Market integrating non-functional testing (viz. Performance Security and Accessibility) as part of the DevOps framework has become a key imperative. The key intent to move non-functional testing early is to identify the performance security and accessibility related defects early for faster remediation at a reduced cost. The traditional way of identifying non-functional bugs late in the lifecycle is changing and the approach is to integrate non-functional testing with Continuous Integration tools such that as and when a build is created non-functional tests can be initiated almost instantaneously and provide an early feedback on the code quality. An additional benefit of introducing non-functional testing early is to capture trends across builds. This paper presents a succinct approach to implement the different non-functional testing types of Performance Security and Accessibility in a DevOps set-up to ensure fantastic customer experience. There are various kinds of non-functional analysis that could be automated on integration with Continuous Integration (CI) tools. Some of the key aspects covered as part of the paper include early performance testing in a CI set-up leveraging Selenium and JUnit test cases Continuous Monitoring with Integration of APM tools Static code validation (SAST) using Security testing tools and Automated Accessibility validation. In summary the paper provides a holistic perspective on how to integrate non-functional testing types of Performance Security and Accessibility with CI tools and guarantee superior customer experience.

Click Here to view the Presentation

Community Choice Speaker Award


New Age Testing- Are You Game?
Mahesh Venkataraman, Managing Director – Technology, Testing, Accenture

Organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver faster with superior quality and with enhanced customer experience. Balancing these contradictory demands cannot be achieved through conventional paradigms of design, development & testing. “New Age Testing” brings new paradigms in testing and seeks to achieve this continuous quality engineering by deploying integrated innovation and purposeful automation being guided by cognitive engines enabling quantum improvements in agility and quality while lowering total cost of delivery and ownership.

Click Here to view the Presentation


Sponsorship Opportunities

If you are a provider of IT quality and/or testing tools and services, this is a great opportunity to reinforce your brand’s presence by being represented and making yourself known at STC 2017 through the sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities.

The conference features a two-day Exhibitor EXPO for “one-stop-shopping” of IT quality and testing tools, and services. Conference attendees can browse the exhibitor booths in the exhibition hall to gather information and speak with representatives from the vendor organizations. The Expo, gives sponsors direct access to conference delegates. Companies with software testing and development products and services will certainly benefit from direct sales interaction with this highly targeted and motivated audience.

The conference sponsors and exhibitors will host an EXPO reception on Thursday evening with conference attendees for additional networking opportunities.

Participation as a sponsor or exhibitor at this conference provides high visibility for your company. Your company’s name and logo will appear on the STC conference website. Secondly, your company’s name and logo will appear in all marketing materials for the conference which will be distributed to over 50,000 IT professionals across the India and globally. Lastly, your company will have direct contact with IT professionals attending the conference, which include management at all levels as well as practitioners who take information back to their companies that they gathered during the conference and Exhibitor EXPO. You can view past STC sponsors and exhibitors at STC 2015, STC 2014, STC 2013, and STC 2012.

We are now accepting requests for serving as a conference sponsor and/or participating in the Exhibitor EXPO. For more information please contact Pradeep Chennavajhula ( for a detailed proposal.

Interested to Sponsor

Important Dates

August 28, 2017:
Submission of Author Intent Form.

September 02, 2017:
Submission of Final Paper/Practice/Tutorial & Copyright Release Form signed by all authors.

September 09, 2017:
Regional Qualifying Rounds.

September 18, 2017:
Announcement of results for Regional Qualifying Rounds.

November 18, 2017:
Submission of Final Presentation for the conference.

December 07-08, 2017:
17th Annual International Software Testing Conference (STC 2017).


Regional Rounds and Jury


Akash Dewan
Senior Director

Mukesh Sharma
Founder and CEO
QA Infotech

Rahul Vishwaroop
Quality Leader, Creative Cloud
Adobe Systems

Sanjay Sircar
BU Head

Kumud Iyer
QA Director

Abhishek Talwar
Hexaview Technologies pvt ltd


Diwakar Menon
Last Mile Consultants

Bharathi Venugopal
Manager Development

Basavaraj Hugar
Director QA
NTT Data

Sridhar Parthasarathy
Last Mile Consultants

Praveen Kumar Prem
Agile Practice Leader

Prabhu Kogunde Matt
General Manager

Mahantesh Maganur
Senior Project Manager
Philips India Limited

Haribabu Nandyal Padmanaban
Head – Quality Engineering

Lakshmy Usha
Lastmile Consultants Technology Solutions

Dr Shankar Ramamoorthy
Chief Customer Success Officer

Dhiraj Sinha
Vice President

Ramesh Kumar Natesan
Senior Manager, QA
Quintiles IMS

Meeta Prakash
Sr Project Manager
Infosys Ltd

Nikhil Gupta

Vandana Bhargava
Senior Delivery Head
Last Mile Consultants Technology

Tejaswini Simha C Y
Technical Architect
Last Mile Consultants

Elangovan Sivalingam
Program Manager

Satyananda Reddy Sathi
Delivery Manager

Raghupathi Pai K
Test Programme Manager

Rajiv Katti
Senior Programme Test Manager


Sagar Pise
Sr. Technical Architect
Larsen and Toubro Infotech Ltd

Chetan Srivastava
Testing Delivery for EMEA Region

Anuja Saraf


Tejas Modi
Vice President
Intellect Design Arena Ltd

Sunil Mavinkurve
Director – Quality Assurance
SQS India

Shishir Mehta
Specialist Master
Deloitte Consulting India Pvt Ltd


Srinivasan Kumarappan

Kapil Saxena
Manager QA

Venkatesvaran Pandiyan
Group Manager / Vice
iNautix Technologies a BNY Mellon Company

Chandrashekar Ramadas
Executive Consultant


Murali krishna Alluri
Senior director, QA
Oracle India

Srinath Komandur
Product Manager – Testing and Quality Assurance
DXC Technologies

Geeteshraj Singh
Senior Director, Enterprise Services
NTT Data Services

Nagaraju Vunnava
Practice Head – Testing and Quality Assurance
Hitachi Consulting

Arun P Alexander
Vice President
Wells Fargo



Regional Hosts








Registration & Fees

  • Complete Pass
    Rs.12,500 /mo
    • For individuals, corporate sponsored professionals/ teams interested in attending the complete 2 day event, including Entertainment Evening/ Gala Dinner and Awards Night.
    • Early bird pass closes on 04th November, 2017.
    • Use Coupon code: stceb17 at cart to get 10% discount.
  • Day Pass
    Rs.8,500 /mo
    • For Professionals interested in attending the complete 1 day event. Choose either Day 1 (includes entertainment evening/ gala dinner) or Day 2 (includes awards night).
    • Early bird pass closes on 04th November, 2017.
    • Use Coupon code: stceb17 at cart to get 10% discount.

Venue Details

Conference Date: 07 – 08 December, 2017 | Thursday & Friday

Conference Venue: The Park Plaza, Sy #90/4 Marathahalli, Outer Ring Road, Munnekollalu Village | Bangalore 560037 | India

Bangalore, the “Silicon Valley of India”, now officially known as Bengaluru, is situated in the southeast of the South Indian state of Karnataka.It is called the “Silicon Valley of India” because of the large number of Information Technology companies located in the city. As headquarters to 38% of global SEI-CMM Level 5 Companies, Bangalore’s place in the global IT map is prominent. Bengaluru’s Rs. 260,260 crore makes it a major economic center in India. Indeed, Bangalore is India’s fourth largest and fastest growing market. Bangalore’s per capita income of Rs. .49 lakh (US$ 1,160) is the highest for any Indian city. It is also known as the Garden City of India because of its climate, greenery and the presence of many public parks, including the Lal Bagh and Cubbon Park.

The Park Plaza epitomizes an urban Art of Living far exceeding other hotels in Bangalore. This 5 star deluxe hotel is strategically located, connecting travelers and guests to Bangalore’s IT hubs in Whitefield, Sarjapur and along the highway.

Boasting some of the most advanced and expansive facilities in the entire city, Park Plaza Bengaluru have an unbeatable venue for conferences in Bangalore. The venue is accentuated by grand design lines, full audiovisual support and urbane interiors, adding style and grandeur to the event.